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AqiqahSG Romper Winner: October 2020

Our children is the highest of amanah that was given to us by Allah SWT. They bring light and purity the moment they enter this world. Count your blessings for each and everyday spent with your children. Guide them well, shower them with love, you will be rewarded greatly in the hereafter. Raise them in the ways of Islam, with our prophet Muhammad SAW as our role model.

Therefore Aqiqah.SG held a mini challenge whereby parents snap a shot of their child in our own Aqiqah.SG romper. The posts comes with personalised captions from the parents. It is heartwarming to read not only appreciation posts for our services in assisting them with an Ibadah, but as well as appreciation posts to their child.

After every aqiqah order, we gave out certificate as well as rompers for the child and parents would have to post it on Instagram with #aqiqahsgromper in their captions. After much (difficult) decision making, we finally selected this month’s winner …



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