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Aqiqah Carried Out In August 2020 🐐

Date Name for Aqiqah Location
8/8/20 Aulia Zahra Binte Muhammad Aiman Semarang
9/8/20 Maya Nissa Binte Mohammad Azman Semarang
10/8/20 Farizi Ahmad Shaqeel Bin Mohamad Zulkhibri Semarang
10/8/20 Fauzi Ahmad Satria Bin Mohamad Zulkhibri Semarang
10/8/20 Wira Ahmad Sinatrya Semarang
10/8/20 Wulan Bestari Dhiva Nuraini Semarang
12/8/20 Alisa Qayla Binte Mohammad Shariff Semarang
14/8/20 Raesa Atiya Binte Haji Saiful Bahri Semarang
15/8/20 Nur Alya Nafisah Binte Muhammad Irsyad Semarang
16/8/20 Adeena Az Zahra Binte Muhammad Ridzuan Semarang
16/8/20 Muhammad Izz Zawir Bin Muhammad Fauzi Semarang
16/8/20 Adreanna Danial Semarang
18/8/20 Maryam En-Qi Binte Muhammed Hafashah Semarang
18/8/20 Mariam Binte Mohammad Sholihin Semarang
19/8/20 Maryam Eliya Bte Mohammad Zuhezri Semarang
19/8/20 Dian Adlea Binte Muhammad Fihrin Semarang
19/8/20 Dareq Aryan Bin Muhammad Fihrin Semarang
22/8/20 Aafiyah Marissa binte Ahmed Zaki Semarang
24/8/20 Muhammad Luth Mikhail Putera Muhammad Redzwan Semarang
25/8/20 Muhammad Syafi Bin Shaiful Bahari Semarang
26/8/20 Aafiyah Nadine Binte Muhammad Abid Semarang
26/8/20 Nur Aisyah Umairah Binte Muhammad Nur Andrian Semarang
26/8/20 Muhammad Farhan Bin Razali Semarang
26/8/20 Muhammad Firdaus Bin Razali Semarang
26/8/20 Nur Syasya Maria Bte Razali Semarang
27/8/20 Nur Ashadiya Maiyra Binte Muhammad Syaiful Bahry Semarang
27/8/20 Eidris Irfan bin Rosli Semarang
29/8/20 Mika Qaizer Bin Muhammad Nadzlan Semarang


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