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Aqiqah Carried Out In March 2019 ๐Ÿ

Date Name for Aqiqah Location
1/3/19 Anas Syahmi Bin Mohammad Khairul Semarang
2/3/19 Nur Hani Safiyya Binte Mohammad Shahzril Semarang
2/3/19 Roshini Begum Binte Muhammad Roshan Semarang
3/3/19 Aqeef Iman Bin Nur Hizami Semarang
3/3/19 Aariz Iman Bin Nur Hizami Semarang
3/3/19 Naerah Binte Nor Hafiz Semarang
3/3/19 Nur Ariana Aryssa Binte Mohamed Faizul Semarang
4/3/19 Muhammad Aqid Bin Ahmad Syadid Semarang
4/3/19 Umar Muhammad Bin Nurfahmi Semarang
5/3/19 Selma Adeena Binte Mohamed Alfian Semarang
6/3/19 Hayyan Kaisar Bin Muhammad Hazwan Semarang
6/3/19 Hafiy Kaysan Bin Muhammad Hazwan Semarang
7/3/19 Muhammad Lutfi Bin Mohammed Kassim Semarang
7/3/19 Qanita Parappathiyil Semarang
7/3/19 Siti Nur Umairah Binte Muhammad Irwan Semarang
8/3/19 Mohamed Irfan bin Mohamed Affandi Semarang
8/3/19 Umar Zuhayr Bin Muhammad Haikal Semarang
10/3/19 Ammar Haziq Bin Mohammad Jufri Semarang
10/3/19 Zara Sofia Suhirman Semarang
10/3/19 Muhammad Suhaidi Bin Muhammad Suhendi Semarang
12/3/19 Alya Humaira Binte Saifulridzuan Semarang
12/3/19 Nur Miqaila Zahira Binte Norakmal Semarang
13/3/19 Ishmael Lai Mohamed Siddiq Semarang
13/3/19 Nur Aleesa Ulfa Binte Muhammad Razin Semarang
13/3/19 Eshan Hariz Putera Muhammad Haekal Semarang
13/3/19 Adam Akashah Bin Muhammad Salimin Semarang
13/3/19 Aeryan Aniq Bin Rafi Semarang
14/3/19 Khaira Elisha Binte Muhd Shazwan Semarang
14/3/19 Harris Bin Norman Semarang
14/3/19 Naura Sharaa Binte Norhakim Semarang
15/3/19 Aqil Umar Bin Adi Hafriz Semarang
15/3/19 Siti Hajar Binte Shafie’i Semarang
17/3/19 Asia Oweis Semarang
18/3/19 Aara Faria Binte Muhammad Asmaโ€™an Semarang
20/3/19 Nayli Shazia Binte Shahrin Semarang
20/3/19 Inara Delisha Semarang
20/3/19 Alayna Medina Binte Taufid Semarang
21/3/19 Muhammad Ayman Bin Muhammad Syukur Semarang
21/3/19 Nur Tia Amanda Binte Muhammad Mustaqim Semarang
21/3/19 Rayyan Faizin Bin Rais Iskandar Semarang
22/3/19 Nur Alisha Semarang
22/3/19 Eiliyah Arsylia Binte Firdaus Semarang
23/3/19 Muhammad Rizqy Bin Mohamad Hafiz Semarang
23/3/19 Muhammad Rizqy Bin Mohamad Hafiz Semarang
23/3/19 Ariana Nuwaira Binte Mohammad Ali Anafiah Semarang
23/3/19 Asma Nusaibah Binte Muhammad Yusri Semarang
25/3/19 Saleh Bin Ahmad Bin Rabbaโ€™ Semarang
26/3/19 Nayla Farrisha Binte Mohammad Farris Semarang
26/3/19 Suhaira Waqar Semarang
27/3/19 Mu’adz Bin Muhammad Nazrul Semarang
27/3/19 Bibi Zya Bagharib Binte Sheikh Zaid Bagharib Semarang
28/3/19 Muhammad Laith Lee Bin Danial Lee Semarang
29/3/19 Zeyd Inaayat Bin Mohamed Shafique Semarang
31/3/19 Nur De’ Laila Callysta Binti Muhamad Zalani Semarang
31/3/19 Ilya Zahra binte Muhammad Imran Semarang
31/3/19 Abbas Bin Muhammad Nasrin Semarang


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