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AqiqahSG Romper Winner: April 2021

Assalamu’alaikum and Salaam Lebaran from Aqiqah.SG! Alhamdulillah. Ramadhan has left us once again. May we be blessed to meet Ramadhan again next year, in shaa Allah.

Amidst of welcoming the month of Syawal, we were greeted with a rather sad news: rising cases due to the ongoing pandemic. New regulations were imposed, and more restrictions arises. From welcoming 5 persons per visit, it was changed to welcoming a total of 2 persons per day and we are only allowed to visit 2 households per day. A percentage were not happy as it has affected the yearly visiting routines.

I am sure you have heard of this question frequently, “How are we suppose to go for our Raya visiting and seek forgiveness?”. We should ponder on this instead, “Why do we make it a strict habit that we visit our relatives and seek forgiveness only during Syawal?” Islam teaches us to always seek forgiveness and forgive those who have hurt us, be it intentionally or not. Islam teaches us to nurture our bonds (silaturahim) between one another at all times. We are restricting ourselves from visiting. The regulations imposed by the government are precautionary measures to prevent the disease from spreading. What is our reason for not visiting and seeking forgiveness when we had the chance?

Let us reflect on our own actions and the repercussions of it, instead of seeking flaws in other things. With everything that is going on around the world, there is so much that we should be thankful and grateful for.  Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah Ya Allah, for all that you have provided for us. We are truly reliant on you. May Allah open our hearts to truly accept the beauty of His plans.

One of the ways we show our gratitude here in ISGN family, is by being there to provide a helping hand to those in need. Alhamdulillah. And here is how we show our gratitude for the support and encouragement we receive from the public. The winner for this month’s AqiqahSG Romper Challenge is ..



Here is little Naima Safura with Dory by her side.


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