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Aqiqah Carried Out In September 2022 🐐

Date Name for Aqiqah Location
1/9/22 Abdul Latheef Nawwar Bin Noor Azahar Banyuwangi
6/9/22 Naufal Ayman Bin Muhammad Shafiq Semarang
6/9/22 Dahlia Rose Binte Mohamad Imran Semarang
6/9/22 Ihsaan Khadeer Bin Muhammad Firdaus Kenya
8/9/22 Ziya Aliya Binte Muhammad Zulhairee Banyuwangi
11/9/22 Tiara Qairina Binte Muhammad Shaiful Banyuwangi
13/9/22 Naura Fauzieana Binte Ahmad Fauzie Banyuwangi
14/9/22 Hana Aisyah Binte Mohammad Hafiz Semarang
14/9/22 Iman Medina Binte Muhammad Ridhuan Semarang
14/9/22 Muhammad Afi Naqi Bin Muhammad Aliff Kenya
14/9/22 Sharifah Aryana Binte Syed Muhammad Alidros Banyuwangi
19/9/22 Muhammad Arif Wafiy Bin Mohamed Akil Banyuwangi
19/9/22 Aisha Binte Muhammad Hafiz Banyuwangi
21/9/22 Sofea Qalisya Binte Mohammed Nor Banyuwangi
22/9/22 Muhammad Nafis Loh Kenya
22/9/22 Noah Arif Zhong Bin Mohamad Farid Banyuwangi
22/9/22 Rumaysa Binte Muhammad Yusof Banyuwangi
22/9/22 Amar Rames Banyuwangi
23/9/22 Muhammad Yusuf Bin Muhammad Ruzaini Banyuwangi
25/9/22 Asyura Binte Safwan Kenya
26/9/22 Syura Akira Binte Saharudin Banyuwangi
27/9/22 Yap Sarah Arisha Semarang
27/9/22 Muhammad Asadullah Bin Muhammad Nasrullah Kenya
28/9/22 Muhammad Rayyan Bin Muhammad Ridhwan Semarang
28/9/22 Muhammad Idris Bin Manshawi Kenya
29/9/22 Muhammad Ammar Shafie Banyuwangi



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