Aqiqah Carried Out in December 2023 ๐Ÿ

Date Name for Aqiqah Location
1/12 Alyssa Azzahra Binte Nur Azhar Kenya
4/12 Eva Raeefa Binte Muhammad Norhazlan Kenya
6/12 Ezra Heng Kenya
6/12 Cora Heng Jing Hui Kenya
7/12 Raudhah Sakinah Binti Ahmad Firdaus Mustafa Kenya
7/12 Ayra Binte Mohammed Sultan Shah Kenya
7/12 โ€˜Izzati Binti Ahmad โ€˜Asqalani Kenya
8/12 Talia Arabela Lubis Kenya
10/12 Kiyan Raeef Bin Subhan Kenya
10/12 Nur Iaesha Binte Muhammad Zulhilmi Kenya
13/12 Ammar Muhammad Zulkarnain Kenya
14/12 Ayden Noah Bin Jimmy Kenya
14/12 Muhammad Aahil Mukminin Bin Muhammad Amirul Kenya
19/12 Muhammad Aryan Wong Bin Muhammad Hilmi Kenya
23/12 Umar Bin Ahmad Bin Rabba’ Semarang
24/12 Syiraz Mateen Bin Mohamad Syawal Kenya
24/12 Zara Sofea Binte Adisuria Kenya
25/12 Shifaa Aleeya Binte Muhammad Syakhairin Kenya
25/12 Muhammad Shaafi Bin Muhammad Syakhairin Kenya
25/12 Seha Aleesa Binte Muhammad Syakhairin Kenya
26/12 Huwaina Izzati Bin Muhammad Ilmi Kenya
28/12 Naera Shaesta Binti Muhammad Haikal Kenya
30/12 Arya Aurelia Bte Muhammad Ashraf Kenya


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