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Preparing Your Budget As Parents in 2024

Assalamu’alaikum, dear readers! Today, allow us to share with you a webinar which we recorded titled “Preparing Your Budget As Parents in 2024”.

A Guide for Future Parents

The video is a comprehensive guide on budgeting for expecting parents. It covers a range of topics including the costs associated with becoming a parent and tips to be a financially healthy family. More importantly, it covers the Baby Bonus that parents can expect to receive.

Why Watch?

If you’re planning to start a family or already have one, this video is a must-watch. It provides valuable insights into financial planning for parents, which is crucial today.

What to Expect?

The webinar was held on 29 February 2024. It specifically covers the Budget 2024 and its implications on improving preschool affordability.

So, why wait? Press the play button to watch the video and start planning your budget as parents in 2024. Happy watching!


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